Tuesday, August 19, 2008

USA Olympics Baseball Advances

Ok, so even with shaky pool play, USA's baseball team will get to play in the semifinals on Wednesday against Japan. USA's win over China, however, proved to be more than just advancing to the medal rounds. The matchup featured the Chinese pitchers hitting a combined five U.S. batters. In return, as the U.S. would never let China's deeds go unpunished, Nate Schierholtz absolutely decked the Chinese catcher, sending his mask and helmet flying. I'm glad of course that our home-country team, and somewhat of a favorite, was able to advance. After all, the four best teams (Japan, Korea, Cuba, and U.S.A.) all advanced to the semis. U.S.A. has not faced Japan yet during this Olympics, but Japan has lost to both Cuba and Korea in pool play. The same can be said about U.S.A. So whoever does win in the Japan vs. USA matchup will face a team that they have already lost to. As much as I hate to say it, I think USA will be lucky to salvage a bronze medal. My predictions for the baseball tournament:

Gold: Cuba
Silver: Korea
Bronze: U.S.A.
Fourth: Japan


james said...

didn't the chinese team only start hitting batters after laporta injured their catcher...

schierholtz is a dirty player

stefan said...

Haha...schierholtz may be a dirty player, but he is also a GIANT. Therefore I must cheer for him and his creation of a "yard sale" as many teammates termed the collision which sent equiptment flying. And I found it funny that some American players doubted whether Chinese pitchers had the skill to even hit batters. I mean Im a below average highschool pitcher and I can hit a guy if I want to. So I dont really see the thought behind the argument.

stefan said...

Whoops...my predictions appear to have been incorrect. South Korea won gold and Cuba got silver. Other than that I was right, which isnt saying much.

Anonymous said...

US players hit Chinese players first; then Chinese players hit US players. Don't write as if Chinese started this. Chinese players should elbow Schierholtz and finish his career. hihi.