Sunday, April 19, 2009

Commentary: First Round Action - Opinions, Thoughts, Impressions

Ehh, what to say other than SURPRISE.

1. First, oh the mighty Celtics how you guys just kill me. So, the major trend of this series will be the epic clash between Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose (36 points, 11 assists - Playoff Debut and the most calm and composed player I have ever seen (almost)). Anyways, Ray Allen, doing his thang, missing his shots during the beginning of the playoffs as usual.

“I heard it all,” Rose said, matter-of-factly. “I want all the pressure as a rook and people saying I can’t lead the team. We fed off of it.”
- Derrick Rose's new nickname: The Beast.

Anyways, this was a hefty loss for the Celtics especially since it was at home...with a wild set of fans. Celtics should regroup, watch tape, and get their heads outta the gutter.

2. Next, Blazers vs. Rockets (All the Yahoo analysts picked the Blazers, I do too). Rockets just had everything going for them - superior offense, kinda sorta stopped Brandon Roy, all around good play. The Blazers were never really able to get some sort of momentum going, but I'm sure they'll be able to rebound. If Aldridge picks up his play and Brandon Roy + Steve Blake keep a steady backcourt, the Blazers have this in the bag. Aaron Brooks had an unusually nice game, especially from beyond the arc...I say it's a fluke. Yao had a perfect game (literally 9-9 from FG, 6-6 from FT).

3. Philly/Magic game was probably the best game so far. Sixers really pulled off quite an upset especially with a nice comeback in the fourth quarter. Iggy's shot dumbfounded me - definitely one of the most underrated players in the NBA. Honestly, the Sixers have a shot at this - I doubt they can stop Dwight, but if they can suspend the perimeter shooting of the Magic that'll help tremendously.

Good start to this year's playoffs, I'll try to keep updating as much as possible. Stay tuned.

Friday, April 17, 2009

NBA Playoffs 2009

Fail (sorry, but I couldn't say it in any other way)
This season has been injury plagued and, frankly, extremely depressing. They started off decently, but ever since then they have had hot streaks and cold streaks - losing to teams both bad and mediocre. I don't see the passion and "team cohesion" that was present last year and the will to win has gone down a level or two.

Honestly, even with Celtics bias, they don't stand much chance of getting into the Eastern Conference Finals. Chances are they'll have to face the Magic in the second round and with no KG they don't really have a good shot. Perkins and Powe are fantastic big men (don't get me wrong), but they have nothing on Superman -___-
I still love you and will be cheering for the green. Oh, and thankfully Danny Ainge had a speedy and successful recovery from a minor heart attack Thursday. One of the best GM (still probably the best) in the game right now.

My Playoff Predictions:

Eastern Conference
1. Cavs, Celtics, Magic, Hawks all make it to second round.
2. Cavs destroy the Hawks, the Celtics/Magic will have a memorable series where (unfortunately) the Magic win.
3. Cavs win the Eastern Conference finals in an epic battle.

Western Conference
1. Lakers (need I say more?)

Hmm...LeBron vs. Kobe probably the hottest topic this whole bloody season.
Yup, Cavs are going to win. LeBron James will show his true colors, his blood and grit, and flat-out stomp the Lakers in the finals. Yes, call me crazy but it is feasible and highly likely in my eyes.

Watch for the Hawks and Rockets for any upsets.