Monday, February 16, 2009

All-Star Weekend

Well here were my favorite moments from this year's All-Star Weekend in Phoenix, AZ.

Runner Ups: Daquean Cook upset in 3PT competition, Derrick Rose winning skills challenge, BDL had some hilarious videos.

5. Nate Robinson's Lex Luthor - I missed the dunk live, but boy when I saw it, it was spectacular. Loved the idea, the look, and everything. Moreover, using Dwight (Superman) as the prop was hilarious and fantastic. (It helped that D-Howard was cooperative). Boy, that little guy has hops

4. Kevin Durant's miraculous G-E-I-C-O comeback - He was down to OJ Mayo early on...but talk about clutch. His half court shot from behind the tables was INSANE. Here's a clip...Mayo also had a ridiculous shot from the stands.

Mayo and Durant are upcoming superstars no question.

3. Kevin Durant's 46 point performance Rookie/Soph. game - He's a slow starter, but when he starts he's unstoppable. His size and agility give him a great advantage over most players at his position. Forcing defenders to step out on to the arch opens up inside shots for other players. Anyways, Durant just made everything. When it rains, it pours. I love Kevin (and Jeff Green too!). OKC does have a future.

2. Shaq/Kobe Co-MVP's - During the interview with Craig Sager (the guy's suits are ridiculous) Shaq said something like Kobe and I are biffles. We never really had a rough patch in our friendship etc. Bull****. More like it would have been awkward to say you still hate the guy who's sitting right next to you. Anyways, good to see these two have recovered some sort of friendship. Both had eggcelent games last night. Congrats.

1. Shaq's Dance with Jabawockeez - Classic. Truly Classic Shaq

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lakers vs. Celtics Part 2

Here we go again.
Painful as it was for me, I applaud the Lakers performance. Even though Kobe was anti-clutch, his teammates picked up during the end of the 4th and OT to lead them to victory. He did knock the ball out of Pierce's hands during regulation forcing House to chuck up an ugly three that burned my eyes. Anyways, a couple notes on the game. Celtics played with Garnett in the lineup after his brief recovery period. Lakers were would think it would be a repeat of last year's finals. Think again..LA proved their toughness as they were down for a majority of the game. They have gained something this year that they lacked previously - willpower. Oh, and the Lakers have stopped both of the longest winning streaks in the NBA (Celtics 19 game streak and 12 game streak).

Check out the Basketball Jones w/ JE Skeets and Tas Melas - love those guys.