Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sports Commercials

Today I was just pondering about random thoughts. I realized how integral commercials are in sports. During the Olympics there have been some really amazing commercials especially the Visa one with Derek Redmond. Nike has had a string of several inspiring videos that I want to show you guys. Check it out in the following 3 videos.

New Nike Courage Video

Visa Derek Redmond Commercial with Godly commentating by Morgan Freeman

Derek Redmond - Full Story


Santiago said...

I just gotta say that the coke commercials with yao and i think it was lebron are also great. I like all the national symbolism that Coke chose.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Coke commercial too...I played it over and over. Did you see the Santa Claus?

stefan said...

Yea. I did see the Santa Claus along with the rest of the national symbolism for both countries. Great ad.