Saturday, September 6, 2008

US Open Final Weekend

Well...what a US Open! Truthfully, this has been a exciting tournament teeming with upsets/surprises. Most of the players I predicted to stay in did, and right now we're headed for a serious upset. The match will continue tomorrow, but Andy Murray is up 2 sets against World Number 1 Rafa Nadal. Oh yeah..I've been meaning to comment about the Nadal Wedgie ordeal. Watching Rafa play in so many tournaments, I've wondered why he has this problem. I've searched videos on youtube, and only in one he addresses it.

Back to US Open. Nadal started off weak, but found his rhythm. However, Murray was a step ahead playing a solid, steady mix of offense and defense keeping Nadal on his feet. Andy Murray was looking really strong, and hopefully he'll keep up his game tomorrow.

The Djokovic/Federer match was interesting, but nothing too surprising. For some reason, I've noticed, Djokovic is intimidated by Federer in the beginning of most of their matches.Once again he started off ice cold, but was able to find his groove. Federer had some amazing shots. He was playing like he did in the beginning of the tournament. Djokovic played some fantastic tennis towards the end, but was not able to keep up with Roger Federer's brilliant tactics and overall sound play.

Prediction for the finals: Murray vs. Federer
Winner: Federer - For the first time this year, Federer will not have to face Nadal in the finals for a major tournament. Based on this fact, Roger will capitalize, and I predict a 3 or 4 set victory. Murray is relatively new to playing on such a tremendous scale, but I'm sure he'll be back in the coming tournaments.


Anonymous said...

It was a tough match for Murray. Of course, we don't know how much of a factor his knee was.

With Federer winning, the value of my autographed photo of Federer will certainly go up!

Keep up your great blogs.

Anonymous said...

good job - nice prediction. FEDERER KILLEDD!