Saturday, August 9, 2008

Will team USA lose the Medal Count?

Looks like the Chinese have really given it all this time. Into the first day of the Olympics, they have already secured 2 gold medals. The US has only 1, but it also has 1 silver and 1 bronze. Chinese women's swimming was quite a display. A couple of unheard Chinese swimmers swept the field, defeating several of the favorites. I believe the Chinese have been training hard with an attitude of - Go for the Gold or nothing. This extreme tenacity might give them the edge over the US in the overall medal count. We have seen the US's difference in medal count between China slowly decrease - as the Chinese creep upon first place. Chinese men's gymnastics easily conquered the field well ahead of the second and third place finishers (Spain and Italy). However, the US has made it to the finals even though they are missing a key component of the team - Paul Hamm - due to a severe injury(check out rosh's article) . USA is still strong - especially with Phelps leading the swim team. He has secured the number 1 seed which was his primary objective during the prelims. Hopefully, both mens and womens basketball can bring home the gold for the US. All we can do is watch and stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Argh. TEAM USA ALL the WAY. the basketball team will bring home the goooooold. i have faith

stefan said...

Just to add one point, the gold, silver, and bronze medals that you mention USA having were all won in women's fencing. And I think that the US can also win basketball.