Thursday, August 7, 2008

Theories/Strange Facts about Beijing Olympics 2008

Several researchers have come up with interesting and unique hypotheses about the Beijing Olympics.

1. (theory)No world records will be broken - Due to the high smog levels athletes will not be able to cope with the high levels of CO2 in their lungs. This will cause breathing problems resulting in a weaker performance.

  • In my opinion - Why would they even decide to make the Olympics in Beijing? Couldn't the committee pick some smaller town on the outskirts where pollution is less of a factor. Also it would be easier to move in and out of a smaller suburb than the insides of Beijing.
2. (fact) Nobody with AIDS/STD's is allowed to enter the game.
  • In my opinion - All I can do is laugh.
3. (fact) The torch has been extinguished several times during the relay.
  • In my opinion - Well, this time the Olympics torch relay was a disgrace - especially with the protests and all...hopefully the Olympics committee learned their lesson.
4. (fact) The most disturbing fact about this year's Olympics - 1.5 million people have been displaced due to the Olympics. The worst part is the government has denied any claims that this has happened. Apparently, the government has incarcerated folks who protested against their eviction.
  • In my opinion - This speaks for itself.