Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sabathia's No-hitter? Not Quite - At Least Not Yet

In today's game featuring the Brewers and the Pirates, CC Sabathia pitched a gem of a game. The only blemish to the potential no hitter came in the 5th inning, when batter Andy LaRoche hit a swinging bunt down the 3rd base line. When CC hustled off the mound and attempted to pick the ball up with a bare hand, he didn't get a firm grip and botched the play. Although I am not saying that it was by any means a routine play, to award a hit to LaRoche is a bit uncalled for. And perhaps I was biased by my hopes of witnessing a no-hitter. But CC should really have made that play, and that play therefore should have been ruled an error. As expected, the Brewers have already appealed the call by sending in a DVD of the play to the commissioner's office. And if the call is overturned, it would mark the first time in MLB history that a no-hitter has been awarded after the fact.

A video clip of the questionable hit can be seen at:
Please give your opinion on whether the call should stand or be changed to an error.


DodgersBlog said...

MLB snubbed their plea.

stefan said...

Hey dodgersblog,
Thanks for taking a look at my blog. Its too bad that MLB rejected the request, but then again an acceptance would have set a precedence for future calls to be overturned after the fact.