Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rays Stun Fans

Perhaps it was the dropping of the "Devil" before the team's name that catapulted the Rays to their best season in franchise history. But it is more likely that their success is due to the run production of young ballplayers, such as Carl Crawford (27), Evan Longoria (22), and B.J. Upton (23). The Rays, who had never won more than 70 games in a single season, are now at 71 wins with 45 games remaining. At this pace, the team boasting the 2nd best record in MLB will have 98 games, completely shattering their previous mark. Although the Rays certainly have a young team filled with talent and are poised to make the poised to make the playoffs, I have a bad feeling about their World Series ambitions. Because of their inexperience when compared to, say, the Angles, White Sox, or Red Sox, I believe that their regular season glory WON'T reflect in postseason advancement. So although it has been a fun ride for all Rays fans, as well as fans of any team (other than the Red Sox and Yankees), I'm sorry to say that another team will win the Commissioner's trophy.