Friday, August 29, 2008

NFL Fantasy Football Sleepers

Throughout the course of the NFL season, we'll be providing weekly fantasy updates complete with sleepers, who to play, and who to sit. In this post, we will give our sleepers for this coming season. Consider to trade for, pick up, or draft the players mentioned below.
Look for the Week 1 fantasy update at the end of this 3 day weekend.

Season Sleepers:


1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
Why: Rodgers is surrounded by the same potent offense that Brett Favre enjoyed last year. Wide receiver Greg Jennings is ready for a breakout season, and fellow starter Donald Driver is still a solid producer. Everything depends on how well Rodgers knows the offense and how good his chemistry is with his receivers, but he has been groomed three years for this moment.
When: Look for Rodgers in the late rounds of a standard draft.
What: Rodgers has the potential for 3200+ yards and 25+ touchdowns.

2. Eli Manning, New York Giants
Why: After his scintillating performances in the playoffs, Manning has established himself as the leader of the Giant offense. Manning already has 4 seasons and a Super Bowl victory under his belt and is too mature now to produce another high interception tally. With a strong receiving corps, Manning is ready to become a #1 fantasy QB.
When: Manning is readily available in the middle rounds and is a steal in the later rounds of the draft.
What: Expect Manning to put forth his best statistical season yet. He has the tools to near 4000 yards and 30 touchdowns.


1. Reggie Bush, New Orleans
Why: Bush is now the starting back in a high-powered Saints attack. Because of New Orleans' spread offense, Bush will be able to run against many smaller nickel and dime packages. In addition, he figures to see a lot of passes thrown his way, since it will be very difficult for defenses to account for all of the Saints' offensive weapons.
When: Look for Bush in the early to middle rounds. He has been about the 20th back picked in drafts this season.
What: Bush is fully capable of 1500+ total yards and a double-digit touchdown total. His value increases exponentially in leagues that reward receptions, as he will have at least 70-75 catches this year.

2. Jonathan Stewart, Carolina
Why: The 13th overall pick out of Oregon, Stewart will be splitting carries this year with DeAngelo Williams. However, Stewart figures to receive most of the goal-line action, as he is more of a pounding, breaking tackles type of running back than Williams. In addition, the Panthers will rely heavily on their ground game this year, considering the multitude of injuries and suspensions that their receivers are currently facing.
When: Stewart is a mid-to-late round pick. In a standard draft, he should definitely be taken if he falls past the 9th round.
What: Expect Stewart to be somewhat of a Marion Barber who racks up the touchdowns but not the yards. He has the ability to go for 800-900 yards on the ground and 10+ touchdowns.


1. Eddie Royal, Denver
Why: Broncos Coach Mike Shanahan has said that prior to the draft, he thought Royal was the best receiver available, and that Royal has yet to prove him wrong. This statement indicates Royal's abilities; the Virginia Tech product has moved his way into the starting lineup, now lining up opposite Brandon Marshall as the Z receiver. Royal's speed and quickness make him a big-play receiver who will be sure to receiver his share of touchdowns. He is also Denver's return man on kick and punts, so he may score fantasy owners a couple of bonus special teams touchdowns as well.
When: Royal is going undrafted in most leagues, but he deserves a pick-up, as he will be a solid #3 receiver barring injury.
What: Royal will be looking at around 700-800 receiving yards as well as 7-8 touchdowns.

2. Javon Walker, Oakland
Why: After two injury-plagued seasons with the Broncos, Walker comes to the Raiders as a starting receiver. Walker's pairing with JaMarcus Russell is a fantasy gift; Russell can throw the deep ball, and Walker is a down-the-field receiver, a combination that translates to yards and touchdowns. Yes, the Raiders will focus on running the ball this year, but that might just benefit Walker, who will see a lot of 1-on-1 coverage if the defense puts 8 men in the box.
When: Walker is a mid-to-late round pick, which is very good value for a borderline #2 or #3 fantasy receiver.
What: Walker can easily produce an 1000+ yard season with 8+ touchdowns.


1. Kevin Boss, New York Giants
Why: The Giants are serious about Boss, considering that they traded away star Jeremy Shockey to make space for Boss in the starting lineup. A physical specimen at 6-6 250, Boss will give defenses trouble, as he is much larger than any safety and also faster than most linebackers.
When: Look for Boss in the late rounds of a standard draft.
What: Boss can certainly put up solid #1 TE numbers. Look for 500+ yards and 6+ touchdowns.

2. Vernon Davis, San Francisco
Why: Although Davis is not exactly a traditional sleeper as a current mid-round pick, his potential is still being undervalued. With an exceptionally poor group of wide receivers, quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan will throw a lot of passes to his tight ends. Davis may very well join the upper echelon of tight ends this season.
When: Davis will be taken in the middle rounds of most drafts.
What: Now completely injury-free, Davis could go for 700+ yards and 7+ touchdowns.


1. Robbie Gould, Chicago
Why: Even though Gould lacks in leg strength, he still kicked tied for the 2nd most field goals in the league last year, and there is no reason to believe why that would change. Gould, however, has been about the 20th kicker taken in most drafts this year, making him a giant steal for the owner shrewd enough to take him.
When: Gould will be readily available in the late rounds.
What: Expect Gould to produce another 30+ field goal season.


1. Seattle
Why: The Seahawks forced the 2nd most turnovers in the league last year, and only gave up about 18 points per game on average. With their defense remaining largely intact, they are primed to post similar numbers this year, which would greatly undervalue their current late-round draft placement.
When: Seattle D/ST has been taken in the last couple rounds of a standard draft, where they are a steal.
What: Seattle will be a top-5 fantasy D/ST this year, barring injury to their key players.


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two words: rashard mendenhall

james said...

yeah, everyone has been high on rashard mendenhall this offseason, but he's had fumbling problems in preseason games...i'm not sure how much playing time he'll get if he keeps on coughing up the ball, especially because he's currently backing up willie parker, who's a pretty solid back

Anonymous said...

thanks for the help