Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kobe to Italy?

Why do people choose the United States to work, live, and play? Is it the freedom? The power? The American Dream? Regardless of the reason, USA has been the ideal destination for all professionals, especially for basketball, as the world did not need the 1992 Olympics to see who dominated the sport (although it did help). This is why the recent trend of professional basketball players preferring the European market over the American market strikes me as surprising. What completely knocks me off my wooden chair is the world's best basketball player announcing the possibility of playing in Italy. (This could possibly be worse than Chris Kaman playing for the German national team because his grandfather lived there for a few years) Yes, the MVP of the National Basketball Association, the winner of the Western Conference, and a USA Olympian, said he would leave his cozy home and million dollar automatic Lamborghini for fifty million dollars a year in Europe. Now I did the math and it occurred to me that he could buy fifty Lamborghinis (he wouldn't have to pay the shipping fee since he would be living in Italy), but I still can not imagine why someone who gets a seven foot Spaniard just because he throws a tantrum would take off to go to... well ... Italy. What can he buy for 50 million dollars that he can't for 20 million? I don't know about you, but hearing that Josh Childress prefers the Euro to the dollar is much less terrifying than Kobe Bryant contemplating spaghetti over cheese burgers.


Anonymous said...

it just shows how money oriented people are... if he leaves america he will leave a more overall challenging basketball experience. plus he has such a large fan base in america. oh well.

David Stern said...

the video doesn't work anymore.