Friday, August 15, 2008

Cuban Baseball Team Beats USA 5-4

Oh boy, the USA Olympic baseball team is now 1-2. As the game was decided in the 11th inning, the new extra-inning rule that I detailed in my last article was implemented. And an obviously biased group of US players after the game denounced the rule. Now I know that everybody has to play by the rules, but this rule is one for the hating. A Phillies AAA shortstop stated "I'm not a big fan of it, because in extra inning games you have to earn the victory." Obviously, the loss as a result never gave the rule a fair chance. But to some extent, I do agree with what Donald (the shortstop) said.
There is no way to deny, however, that the team is 1-2. And I understand that the baseball team is one of the only teams that USA fields which is not a "dream team." Unlike in basketball, the USA's baseball team is composed of minor league players combined with a few college players. This is due mostly in part to the large contracts that pros sign and the overlap of the season with the Olympics.
And USA's next game, which was against Canada, just ended with a US victory 5-4. So now the red, white and blue will take their 2-2 record to Wukesong stadium to battle China on Monday. That will sure be an intense matchup. I think that the US will beat China and advance to the semi finals at the end of group play.