Monday, August 4, 2008

Continuing International Trading Trend? (Updated on August 6th)

David Stern has to be mad. International players have developed a steady fan base here in the Americas. Now, the players are slowly migrating back to their home countries or neighboring European countries. Nenad Kristic - Russia. Bostjan Nachbar - Russia. Carlos Delfino - Russia. Primoz Brezec - Italy. Arroyo - Spain. Heck, even one college kid Brandon Jennings went straight to Italy instead of the NBA. As my fellow author said earlier, Childress is moving to Greece. The pay is on par with the NBA if not even better and there are several other countless benefits to moving. It will be interesting to see how many more players move back to other countries - Europe, Russia, etc. I want to keep track of how many players move out of the US and into other countries. Once the African American players start moving out of the NBA and into Euroleague and other basketball associations, David Stern might just have an anxiety attack. Oh wow. Now LeBron James just claimed if he gets an offer of 50 mills a year from a Euro team he would play in Europe. That shows you how money oriented these individuals are. I mean your leaving all your fans, friends, family - and ultimately tougher competition just for the big bucks. And well David Stern (if James were to move) might just run off a cliff.
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KJtheGreat said...

good point. just to add my two cents...i'm glad Brandon left and went overseas to play. two things will come of this: 1) he will get exposed and won't waste an NBA team's pick or 2) he will get exposed, get better, then come over to the US a much better player than if he would have made the jump straight from his freshman year of college. Either way, he's bound to learn another language, play basketball at a high level, and get paid for it!

sanjeev said...

Haha. Yeah, some players really do improve, but others don't. The main benefits from playing overseas are the language and the money, most players don't improve much(slightly). Thanks for commenting!

stefan said... totally saw this coming. I just saw an article this morning on ESPN with the headline "Source: LeBron would consider European offer of $50M a year or more". So yea, that says it all. If you want to read the article, heres the link: